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Taraw Cliff Climbing

El Nido is surrounded by limestones cliffs. The town actually takes his name from the swiftlets nest (“nido” meaning “nest” in spanish) that the locals used to collect from them and export overseas, mainly to China. Nowadays, you can still climb the Taraw Cliff to get an amazing view on El Nido town and its surroundings.

How To Climb The Taraw Cliff?

The Taraw Cliff is accessible from town, as it overlooks the whole city. It’s thus impossible to miss, but there are several things you need to now if you want to do the climbing…

1) You will need a tour guide. The climbing is not as easy as some people may say… To get to the top of this limestone cliff, you definitely need to know where you’re going and where you can set foot. If you go on your own, it will (obviously) be at your own risks. We strongly advise that you hire an experimented guide to accompany you during the climb. We have a guide ready to go with you (just contact us in advance so we can organize everything for you).

2) This climbing requires a good physical condition. Sure, this is not the Himalaya… But there are some parts of the climb that are more difficult than others. So, for your own safety, it’s better you only attempt this climbing if you’re physical fit.

3) It’s better to avoid wearing flip-flops in order to climb the Taraw Cliff. Last but not least, it can be tricky for a non-expert climber to get to the top of Taraw Cliff with mere flip-flops. We recommend you to bring hiking shoes to avoid injuries and get a better grip on the limestone walls.


Bring The Following:

  • Bring Mosquito Refilant
  • Wear Shoes
  • Bring Water
  • Wear Comfortable Outfit
  • Hikers must be physically fit

The list of documents in each case depends on the purpose of the trip. Specify, please, the most up-to-date information from our visa specialists.

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