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Beautiful Island in Coron

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Coron – it’s white sandy beaches in the clear sea, it is a semi-salty lakes surrounded by huge karst cliffs, this sunken ships, caves, bamboo bungalows and luxury hotels on the islands. Today Coron is located in a National Park. The rich nature of the island boasts a variety of exotic plants, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, as well as endemic species of birds. A variety of species makes Coron very popular destination for ecotourism. During the Second World War in 1944, the Americans have sunk off the coast of 12 Japanese ships. Place of burial and the surrounding waters with rich underwater world today one of the best attractions for diving enthusiasts from around the world. Most of the tourists and travelers today make Filipinos or foreigners, Russian tourists are still little. Photo: Jacob

The main attraction of the island of Coron is famous seven lakes. The most beautiful and cleanest of them recognized Kayangan Lake. Kayangan Lake is considered the cleanest Philippine pond with fresh water. Water in the lake is so clear that you can admire the underwater world at a distance of tens of meters. Not far from the island of Coron scattered small islands on which there are wonderful sandy beaches. Some of them are arranged luxury resorts.

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