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Combo Tours

If you stay long enough to do two island hopping tours while you are in El Nido, it certainly is the best solution. You’ll have more time to appreciate every stops you’ll make, whether it be for snorkeling, swimming in a lagoon, relaxing in the sun or walking on a white sand beach.

But if you’re on a tight schedule and plan to do only one island hopping tour, you might want to book a Combo Tour. They simply combine two tours into one.

Sure, if you choose to go on a combo tour, you’ll have less time between your stops. But you will also see a lot more of the Bacuit archipelago. More exploring, snorkeling and swimming, or more stunningly beautiful sight-seeing? Tough choice, indeed!

In any case, and whether you choose a classic island hopping tour (Tour A and Tour C are often considered to be the best) or a bigger Combo Tour (why not Tour A & C then?), you’ll definitely have a memorable day while touring the islands surrounding El Nido!

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