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Island Hopping in El Nido

El Nido Island Hopping: The Beauty Of The Bacuit Bay 

There are many ways to go island hopping in El Nido, Palawan. Find everything you need to know about Tours A, B, C, D, Combo tours, Private tours, Overnight camping, Drop off & pick up, and the Ultimate Adventure Tour. Make your choice and prepare yourself for a memorable journey!


Why Is It Great To Go Island Hopping In El Nido?

Several times in a row, Palawan has been elected “World’s Best Island” by specialized magazines. With its clear and clean water, its sugar-white sand beaches and its abundant wild-life, this idyllic island really is a dream place for island-hopping tourists.

One can argue that El Nido is Palawan’s jewel. This Managed Ressource Protected Area counts 45 islands, 447 species of corals, 888 species of fish, 5 species of marine turtles and 114 species of birds. It is known for its rugged beauty, which makes it a true tropical paradise.

One of the best way to discover the area is by cruising the Bacuit Bay and stop on different islands, lagoons and beaches. This is exactly what you will do while on an island hopping tour. Departing from El Nido town, each island hopping tour will take you to discover a specific part of the archipelago.

To get the details of each tour, click here: El Nido Tours A, B, C and D. The combo tours allow you to combine 2 tours into 1, and thus to see more in just one day. The private tours, on their part, will mostly follow the main tours but, as you’ll be the only the only group on the boat, they give you more freedom (on the departure time, on the order of the destinations, etc.).

Are There Other Ways To Discover The Islands Of The Bacuit Bay?
Tours A, B, C, D and their variant are the most popular way to go island hopping in El Nido. But these are not the only ones. As you saw above, there are other kind of island hopping activities you can choose from.



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